Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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    BRS criticizes Congress’s anti-defection law proposal, calls out GoP for hypocrisy

    In Hyderabad, BRS leaders criticized the Congress party for promising to bring the Anti-defection Law while encouraging defections. BRS working president KT Rama Rao...

    KTR accuses BJP government of power abuse

    BRS working president KT Rama Rao commented on the arrest of party MLC K Kavitha, criticizing the abuse of power and misuse of institutions...

    Entrepreneur from Telugu community honored with national recognition

    Rajender Reddy, the founder of Rythubadi Sanstha, has been invited to speak at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2024 at IIIT Delhi. The summit, scheduled for...

    Contaminated Chocolate Confirmed by Telangana Food Lab

    A man found white worms and webs in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates he bought from a store in Hyderabad. He sent the chocolates for...

    Narendra Modi Sends Best Wishes for Medaram Fair in Telangana

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the people of Telangana on the Medaram Fair, a significant tribal festival. He highlighted the festival's importance on Twitter. In...

    Cadbury chocolate stirs citizen frustration by containing a worm

    In Hyderabad, a customer had a bad experience with a Dairy Milk chocolate that had a worm in it. The incident was recorded and...

    Political Fever Fails to Heat Up in Chevella as Leaders Remain Divided

    With just over a month to go until the Lok Sabha elections in Rangareddy, there is a lack of political fervor in the Chevella...



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