Monday, June 24, 2024

    Topic: Weather

    Heavy rains expected in multiple Telangana districts over the next two days.

    The Meteorological Department predicts light to moderate showers in many districts on Sunday and Monday. It is important for residents to stay alert and...

    Telangana Braces for Five Days of Heavy Rain Starting Today

    The Meteorological department has issued a rain alert for Telangana, predicting heavy rainfall for the next five days until June 23. The alert mentions...

    Farmers urge government to deposit Raitu Bharosa amount

    Farmers in Gadwal are busy planting crops for the Kharif season thanks to good monsoon conditions and favorable weather. Even though it's already mid-June,...

    Residents of Hyderabad Urged to Stay Vigilant as Heavy Rain Continues to Pound the City

    Heavy rains and gusty winds hit Greater Hyderabad, causing flooding in low-lying areas and various issues for residents. The sudden change in weather brought...

    AP and Telangana to Receive Light to Moderate Rainfall Over Next Three Days

    The Hyderabad Meteorological Center has issued a weather alert for the Telugu states, predicting light to moderate rains for the next three days. Heavy...

    Telangana Braces for Heavy Rain over the Next Three Days as Southwest Monsoon Extends

    The Southwest Monsoon has arrived in Telangana, bringing moderate to heavy rains across the state. The Meteorological Center of Hyderabad predicts that the rain...

    CS instructs officials to address water stagnation issues

    In Hyderabad, Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari urged senior officials to address traffic congestion caused by heavy rain. She emphasized the need for immediate action...



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