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    Venkatesh Maha’s remarks on KGF move an implement with a circular motion arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line, he apologises for terminology not views

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    C/o Kancharapalem member of a board of directors Venkatesh Maha is being trolled heavily for criticising the KGF films in a discussion about and unconventional films in a recent .
    Film maker Venkatesh Maha
    Telugu filmmaker and actor Venkatesh Maha, who is most widely recognised for his 2018 photographic film C/o Kancharapalem, has found himself in the intermediate part or section of a controversy after expressing an unpopular judgement about the blockbuster Kannada photographic film serial KGF. Maha was speaking at a ‘Women’s Day Special Interview’ with five Telugu filmmakers moderated by photographic film journalist Prema, when the talk veered towards the topic of formulaic movies. The five directors — Venkatesh Maha, Shiva Nirvana, Mohan Krishna Indraganti, Nandini Reddy and Vivek Athreya — are among some of the Telugu filmmakers known for occasionally making relatively and less formulaic films than most not the same prevailing thought, filmmakers in the industry.   
    A video recording clip from the which was released on March 5 on YouTube soon became viral, in which Maha made sure comments about the KGF films without actually naming them. Speaking about the game of the KGF films which are centred on the state of connectedness between people between the protagonist Rocky (Yash) and his female parent, Maha said, “I won’t name the movie, but in it, the mother asks for some quantity of something (gold). The hero goes and liberates people who work there (the KGF mines). In the other part (KGF: Chapter 2), all that gold [is drowned by Rocky]. Is he not a neech kameen kuthe (a term that translates to ‘lowly dog’). There were thousands of people (KGF workers), he could have built houses for them, but he throws the rest of the gold. A mother asks someone to become such a lowly dog-like person [who drowns the gold instead of distributing it among workers], and we (audiences) are clapping for that kind of a story.”
    Maha also suggested that filmmakers be fond of himself and the others on the plate or sheet that is a component of something could also gain commercially films such as KGF, but weren’t doing so because they wanted their films to ponder their values and moral soundness. These contentious portions have got since been deleted from the fresh video recording on YouTube.
    Maha’s words sparked wide outrage among Telugu photographic film viewers, as or gas as fans of the KGF films, its member of a board of directors Prashanth Neel and actor Yash. Several fans of Telugu hotshot heroes, including Prabhas and Jr NTR who are working with Prashanth Neel in their upcoming films, have got  been trolling Maha, with some of them calling his views elitist and condescending towards or affection, films.
    Speaking to TNM, Maha said that he continues to put up with by his judgement expressed in the . However, he said he apologises for the ‘inappropriate language’ used by him while talking about the characters in KGF. “Being in the position of a responsible filmmaker, I should not have used such language. But I stand by my opinion, and I have the right to express it. I am not taking it back,” said Maha.
    He further added, “If my language has hurt anyone, especially fans of that character (Rocky from KGF) as well as fans of my work, I apologise. It was a momentary emotion, but I have not crossed my limits or used any abusive words. There are also people who like my opinion. Although it’s an unpopular opinion and the supporters are small in number, it is still significant.” He said that the trolls were being brutal and using hurtful words which were worse than the ones Maha used in the . “It is not and it is affecting me,” said the filmmaker.
    In a video recording affirmation shared on living together or enjoying life in communities media on Monday dark, Maha mentioned that the not suitable terms he used were from a photographic film (Chiranjeevi’s Rowdy Alludu) in which they were used to name to a ‘problematic’ graphic symbol. “I didn’t say it to insult a particular industry, it was a discussion about films in general. I apologise for the language, but the discussion that the opinion started has to be taken into consideration,” he said.
    He further said that there were a little telephone number of who agreed with his judgement and expressed their keep, and he had voiced the judgement on behalf of that segment of . “My intention was to say all kinds of films must be loved equally. My remarks were not intended towards a particular real-life person, I abused a fictional person. But now I, a real person, am being abused terribly and my [inappropriate] images are being created. I hope you repect my opinion, and respect all kinds of films,” the filmmaker said. 
    Some of the not the same directors intermediate between past and future during the were also criticised for laughing along and seemingly agreeing with Maha’s views. Nandini Reddy, known for films such as Ala Modalaindi and Oh! Baby, also clarified her put up with on living together or enjoying life in communities media and issued an expression of regret. “Every commercial film which has become a success is bec the audience hs loved something in tht effort . The conversation was nvr meant 2deride anyones work but rathr hv a positive debate on what cn diversify the narrative of “commercial cinema”. Apologies fr any offence caused,” Nandini Reddy wrote.    Every photographic film which has a is bec the listeners hs loved something in tht endeavor . The talk was nvr meant 2deride anyones oeuvre but rathr hv a accepting public debate on what cn diversify the narrative of “commercial cinema”. Apologies fr any infraction caused — Nandini Reddy (@nandureddy4u) March 6, 2023
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