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    “Stay Informed: Latest News Updates from Hyderabad – Top 5 Stories of the Day”


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    During the calendar month of Ramzan, the markets in Hyderabad are filled with the aroma of perfumes, attracting from all walks of . Attar, a non-alcoholic perfume made from plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms petals, herbs, and spices, is a approval fragrance among Muslims during this clock. The natural perfume cooking oil is distilled in HO using being at small elevation heating system and insistency. With the summertime heating system, tend to cooling and effervescent Attar to soothe their senses. Shopkeepers have got group of things of the same kind that belong together up stalls outer side or surface mosques and shrines to exchange for money Attar to devotees.

    Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao criticized the Centre for rejecting the phase-II marriage proposal of the Hyderabad Metro Rail enterprise. He accused the Centre of blatant unfair treatment towards Telangana and using illogical reasons and fake reports to worsen the annex of Metro from Lakdikapul to BHEL and Nagole to LB Nagar on the evidence of feasibility. He found it unusual that the government had sanctioned Metro projects to many cities with less pedestrians or vehicles but felt that Hyderabad did not measure up for one.

    The TPCC foreman A Revanth Reddy alleged that the SIT officials were working under the supervision of IT & Industries Minister KTR in shifting from one transportation to another with the sensational TSPSC inquiry cellulose Leak vitrine. He accused the SIT officials of issuing notices to them in shifting from one transportation to another with the vitrine and providing all the info about the Leak vitrine to KTR.

    About 40% of vendors who have got been selected for temporary provision of money performance to raise money for a charitable cause under Pattana Pragati programme schema organization of concepts launched by GHMC are motionless waiting for discharge of following the first and third instalments of the temporary provision of money amount. The damage beyond the point of repair phone number of registered vendors under this programme is 1.60 lakh. According to the beneficiaries, Telangana government had provided depository financial institution linkages under the schema organization of concepts, and the loans were to be disbursed in three instalments. These vendors have got been making several rounds to banks and have got requested officials to discharge the following the first instalment as they had cleared the initial instalment of the temporary provision of money they had taken.

    The department of the Municipal Administration and Urban Development in Hyderabad is examining the feasibility of converting the empty area under greater in scope or effect flyovers into a sports place for spectacles. Navi Mumbai has already done this by covering the four sides of the affording free passage surface area under the flyover with ferrous metal mesh and providing sports facilities for enthusiasts to participate in games or sport insect, basketball game, and badminton.

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