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Thursday, June 8, 2023

    Tag: Crime

    Sisodia brings tears to Kejriwal’s eyes during emotional speech

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke emotionally at the inauguration of a new branch of B R Ambedkar School of Specialised Excellence in Bawana....

    TS Decennial Celebrations Include Suraksha Dinotsavam Celebration by Adilabad Police

    The police department in Telangana State recently held a Security Day event to celebrate its achievements as the state approaches its tenth year. Representatives...

    Jewellery Missing After Murder of 78-Year-Old Woman in Hayathnagar, Hyderabad

    An elderly woman was found dead in Hyderabad, causing panic in the area. The police arrived at the crime scene and said that someone...

    Selfless Service of Police Officers in Khammam Praised

    Minister for Transport Puvvada Ajay Kumar spoke at the Police Suraksha Rally during the state foundation day celebrations in Khammam. He praised the police...

    Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand predicts arrests related to TSPSC paper leak could reach 100.

    The Hyderabad Police Commissioner, CV Anand, has said that almost 100 arrests may be made in the TSPSC paper leak case. The Special Investigation...

    Crime in Delhi murder case goes unreported by bystanders.

    Shockingly, the bystanders present during the brutal attack on Sakshi by the accused Sahil, where she was stabbed 34 times, kicked multiple times, and struck with a cement stone six times resulting in her immediate death, did not make a Police Control Room (PCR) call.

    Possible rewritten title: South Korean Faces Up to 10 Years in Prison for Opening Plane Emergency Exit Door and Getting Arrested

    A passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight in South Korea opened an emergency exit door shortly before the aircraft landed, causing air to blast...



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