Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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    Congress blames BRS for the lack of development in Warangal

    The Hanumakonda DCC president, Naini Rajender Reddy, and the Warangal Parliament in-charge, Ravindra Uttamrao Dalvi, led the Sankalp Yatra in Hanumakonda on Monday. During...

    Growing Cybercrimes in Hyderabad Prompt DGP to Propose Multifaceted Approach

    The Director-General of Police, Anjani Kumar, addressed the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB) training-cum-workshop in Hyderabad. During his speech, he emphasized the need...

    Congress accuses BRS and BJP of deceiving the public

    Warangal: The AICC Observer and Warangal Parliament segment in-charge, Ravindra Uttamrao Dalvi, spoke at a meeting in Hanumakonda on Saturday. He claimed that the...

    CBI Assumes Control of Inquiry into 27 Incidents of Ethnic Clashes in Manipur

    • The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) assumes control over 27 cases related to ethnic clashes in Manipur, where over 160 lives have been lost.
    • Learn about the agency's approach, challenges, and progress in investigating these complex cases of violence and unrest.

    Congress to soon announce ‘Old City Declaration’ in Hyderabad

    Telangana Congress spokesperson Krishna Teja announced that the party will soon release the "Old City Declaration" with the goal of developing the historic Old...

    Interstate Burglary Gang Apprehended by Bowenpally Police in Hyderabad

    The Bowenpally Police in Hyderabad have arrested four members of an interstate burglary gang from Pune, Maharashtra. The arrests took place at TadBund X...

    Chaddi gang member apprehended by Cyberabad police

    Hyderabad: The Cyberabad police teams have caught one accused from a notorious chaddi gang. They seized eight tolas of gold worth Rs 4 lakh....



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