Monday, June 24, 2024
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    MP approves 7.5 million rupees for BC hostel in collaboration with ZP Chairperson

    In Gadwal town, Nagar Kurnool Member of Parliament Dr. Mallu Ravi has pledged Rs. 75 lakh to build more rooms at the Government Girls...

    MP Mallu Ravi pledges 230 crores for The Nettempadu project

    In Gadwal, Mallu Ravi, the Member of Parliament for Nagar Kurnool, has asked officials to speed up the completion of ongoing development projects in...

    Congress celebrates victory with rally in Gadwal

    District Congress party leaders in Gadwal held a victory rally for Member of Parliament Mallu Ravi from the Nagar Kurnool parliament constituency. During his...

    MP Mallu Ravi pays a visit to Gadwal Medical College

    Dr. Mallu Ravi, the Member of Parliament for Nagar Kurnool, visited Gadwal and checked the progress of the Government Medical College construction. He wants...

    Congress MPs in TG to intensify fight for fulfillment of APRA commitments

    The newly-elected Congress Parliamentarians from Telangana are focusing on achieving the promises made during the state's bifurcation in the upcoming monsoon session. Chief Minister...

    Mallu siblings set their sights on TPCC chief’s position

    Mallu Ravi, who recently won for the second time from Nagarkurnool in the Lok Sabha polls, is now in the running for the position...

    Significant setback for BRS MLA’s

    In Nadigadda, the MLAs faced setbacks in the recent parliamentary elections. Six months ago, BRS won two assembly seats in Nadigadda. However, their influence...



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