Monday, June 24, 2024

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    Mehdipatnam Skywalk project remains stagnant after three years

    The incomplete Skyway project at Mehdipatnam is causing issues for pedestrians and commuters in Hyderabad. The 390-meter-long Skyway is being built by the HMDA...

    Heavy rain and strong winds cause chaos and traffic disruptions in many areas of the city

    Heavy rain and strong winds hit Hyderabad on Monday, causing flooding on streets and disrupting traffic. Many areas, especially low-lying ones, were submerged in...

    Hyderabad: Gangs responsible for chain-snatching and cell phone thefts arrested and put behind bars

    The city police in Hyderabad arrested two gangs involved in theft of mobile phones and chain snatchings. Seven members were arrested and a large...

    Gangs engaged in chain-snatching and cell phone thefts in Hyderabad apprehended

    The city police in Hyderabad recently arrested two gangs that were involved in stealing mobile phones and chain snatchings. A total of seven members...

    Local residents frustrated, request SCR to widen road at LG Gate 250 Bolarum

    The Road over Bridge (RoB) at LC Gate 250 in Bolarum, Hyderabad may not be built after all. Currently, the railway gate at this...

    Cycling enthusiasts in the city urge government to support eco-friendly transportation.

    Members of the cycling community in Hyderabad have a dream of making the city more bicycle-friendly. They recently submitted a letter to Chief Minister...

    Water kiosks established by HMWSSB

    The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) has installed water kiosks (Chalivendras) near Basavatarakam and Mehdipatnam Rythu Bazar to provide water to...



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