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Thursday, June 8, 2023

    Tag: Teenagers

    Examining the Killer’s Mind: The Horrific Shahbad Dairy Homicide

    A song by a popular Haryanvi singer, which has over 1.6 crore views on social media, mainly of millennials, expresses the agony of a dejected lover and glorifies his vengeful actions

    Celebrities urged to refrain from endorsing tobacco in Hyderabad

    May 31 is World No-Tobacco Day, and it's important to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol, especially...

    A shooting at a Texas prom after-party leaves 9 teenagers injured.

    Nine teenagers were shot at a prom after-party in east Texas early Sunday. The party was attended by hundreds of people. Deputies responded to...

    Texas Cheerleaders Injured in Shooting Incident Due to Mistaken Car Entry

    Four cheerleaders were shot in a Texas parking lot after one of them mistakenly tried to enter the wrong car. The suspected shooter, an...

    Two Minors Arrested for Shooting at Alabama Sweet 16 Birthday Party

    Police have arrested two teenagers and charged them with murder over a shooting at a Sweet 16 birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama. The shooting...

    Siddu Jonnalagadda and Anam Mirza introduce ‘Hall of Game’ at Kompally – A new sports facility and entertainment hub.

    The biggest gaming arcade in Kompally, called Hall of Game, is now open to everyone. It has more than 100 games and activities, like...

    US Teen Birthday Party Shooting Leaves Four Dead and Multiple Injured

    A shooting occurred at a Sweet 16 birthday party at a dance studio in Dadeville, Alabama, leaving four people dead and several others injured....



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