Friday, June 14, 2024
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    Cybercriminals blackmail bank manager

    A bank manager in Nagarkurnool district fell victim to a cyber attack. The manager received what appeared to be account verification details from a...

    Cyber frauds scam man out of Rs 2 lakh by claiming his money was transferred to terrorists

    Cyber criminals recently tricked an elderly man in Hyderabad by pretending to be police officers from the crime branch. They made a late-night WhatsApp...

    Sajjanar cautions public about cyber criminals posing as FedEx delivery agents

    Cybercrimes are a growing problem and people need to be aware of scams. There are scammers pretending to be from FedEx Courier telling people...

    Telugu youth in Cambodia liberated from expansive Cyber Crime network by heroic escape

    Visakhapatnam Police found 150 individuals sent to Cambodia and Bangkok, coerced into cyber crimes and tortured if they refused.

    Cyber Crime Awareness is Crucial for Everyone

    Deputy Superintendent of Police Sattiah attended an awareness meeting about cyber crime at Gadwal bus stand. He emphasized the importance of reporting cyber fraud...

    Police Launch Awareness Program on Road Safety, Traffic Rules, and Cyber Security

    The Gadwal police officials conducted an awareness program in Parumala village covering topics like road safety, traffic rules, cyber crimes, women trafficking, child marriages,...

    Sajjanar urges citizens to be vigilant against new drug parcel scams.

    TSRTC MD VC Sajjanar from Hyderabad recently shared some important advice regarding cyber criminals who are committing fraud by posing as police officers and...



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