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    Forest department officials make efforts to put out fire in Nallamala forest

    A fire broke out in Mannanur West beat Tallachelka and Gundam area in Amrabad mandal of Nagarkurnool district. The forest department officials and staff...

    Multiple Clashes Between BRS and Congress Activists Reported in Hyderabad

    Clashes occurred at various locations in assembly constituencies during the state's assembly elections on Thursday. The police intervened and separated the conflicting groups near...

    Exploration Reveals 12th Century Quarry at Mannanur Quarries of the Kalyana Chalukyas

    Archaeologists have discovered 12th-century stone quarries in Mannanur, Nagarkurnool district. E Siva Nagi Reddy, an archaeologist and CEO of Pleach India Foundation, found these...

    Tourism | New tourist centers emerge in Telangana.. Ten tourist hubs on the rise

    Tourism in Telangana has seen a significant boost after the establishment of state infrastructure. Chief Minister KCR has dedicated Yadagirigutta as a spiritual destination, adorned with greenery and new temples. With natural wonders like waterfalls and man-made Kaleshwaram reservoirs, Telangana is now discovering new tourist centers in the state. We propose the creation of ten tourist centers in the state.

    Laknavaram: Telangana's divine abode, Laknavaram is a highly revered spiritual area in the state. After the construction of a magnificent temple, devotees are flocking to witness the beautiful surroundings. The presence of Madanika sculptures, mesmerizing dance performances, and the essence of Kakatiya Dynasty can be experienced here.

    Mannanur: To enjoy the beauty of Nallamala forests, one must visit Mannanur, a charming area in Kurnool district. The breathtaking Mannanur waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery and silver streams, is a gem in Telangana's tourism crown.

    Krishnatati: If you want to experience the grandeur of Nallamala hills and witness the mesmerizing Krishna River, visit this serene place near Srisailam. The Krishna River, surrounded by enchanting hills and serene landscapes, offers a captivating view from Farahabad View Point.

    Ramappa: Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ramappa showcases the cultural glory of Telangana. With its exquisite stone sculptures depicting various dance forms and intricate carvings, Ramappa Temple in Palampet Mandal is a sight to behold.

    Secretariat: The capital city of Hyderabad is a heavenly destination for tourists worldwide. The newly constructed Secretariat overlooking the beautiful Hussain Sagar Lake, the 125-feet Ambedkar statue, and the iconic Durgam Cheruvu Bridge are some of the attractions that entice visitors.

    Karunamayam: Located near the border, this century-old church in Medak town, built in Gothic style, stands tall as the second-largest Christian temple in Asia.

    Telangana's tourism is thriving with these unique destinations that reflect the state's cultural heritage and natural beauty.



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