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    Leader of BRS warns that state students will suffer significant setbacks due to NEET

    Senior BRS leader B Vinod Kumar expressed concerns about the impact of the NEET examination on Telangana students. He highlighted that when the Act...

    Modi’s charisma and vote polarisation lead to BJP’s victory in Chevella

    In Rangareddy, BJP candidate Konda Vishweshwar Reddy (KVR) won by a large margin of 1,72,897 votes for the second time. He first won in...

    Dr. Laxman accuses Revanth’s government of providing citizens with only donkey eggs

    BJP MP Dr. K Laxman challenged Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy to deny that former Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi opposed reservations...

    Shiv Sena Vows to Provide Complete Support to BJP in TG

    Telangana Shiva Sena has announced its support for BJP in Telangana during a meeting in Achampet town of Nagarkurnool constituency. Singaru Shivaji, the President...

    Nadda believes only BJP can deliver a stable government

    BJP chief JP Nadda recently urged people to vote for a strong government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a third term. He...

    Laxman claims BJP supports Developed India, while Congress pushes for Divided India

    BJP MP Dr K Laxman criticized the Congress party for their agenda of "Breaking Bharat" while the BJP is focused on "Developed Bharat" under...

    Kishan calls BJP a strong local party

    Union Minister and Telangana BJP chief G Kishan Reddy criticized the Congress, calling it a curse for the country. He accused the Congress of...



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