Sunday, December 3, 2023


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    US Presidential Gold Medallion bestowed upon Kishan Reddy

    Union Minister of Tourism, G Kishan Reddy, has received the Presidential Medallion from US President Joe Biden. This award recognizes Reddy's exceptional efforts in...

    Kishan Reddy accuses ruling parties in AP and TS of staging drama on polling day in Hyderabad

    State BJP chief G Kishan Reddy criticized the AP government's rushed decision to draw drinking water from Nagarjunasagar dam. He believes it was a...

    Kishan Reddy exercises his voting right in Kacheguda, Hyderabad.

    Union Minister Kishan Reddy, along with his family members, cast his vote at a polling station in Kachiguda. He emphasized the importance of exercising...

    K Chandrasekhar Rao and his wife exercise their voting rights in Chintamadaka, Hyderabad.

    Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his wife Sobha voted in their native village in Siddipet district. They greeted some of the people...

    BJP urges EC to intervene as police allegedly aid ruling party candidates

    Telangana BJP chief G Kishan Reddy has filed a complaint with the Election Commission and State Electoral Officer. He claims that the police and...

    Kishan Reddy accuses Congress of having a tumultuous association with Telangana

    Telangana BJP chief and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy responded to the Congress party's claim of having a blood relationship with Telangana. He jokingly...

    Kishan asserts BJP will not align with any pro-MIM party

    State BJP chief and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy has challenged Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to an open debate on his accusations that the...



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