Thursday, November 30, 2023



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    Srinivas urges votes for development and welfare in Mahabubnagar

    Srinivas Goud, a Minister and MLA candidate in Mahabubnagar, is asking people to support the BRS government's development initiatives. He warns against division forces...

    Finals of Poll Battle Commence

    With just 72 hours left before the candidates' fate is decided in the upcoming elections, the main political parties, Congress, BJP, and BRS, are...

    Barrelakka receives support from Telangana Movie Artist Association

    Karne Sirisha, also known as Barrelakka, is receiving a lot of support as she contests the assembly elections in the Kolhapur constituency of Mahabubnagar...

    JD Lakshminarayana urges to promote youth participation in politics in Mahabubnagar.

    Former CBI Director JD Lakshminarayana showed his support for independent candidate Karne Shireesha, also known as Barrelakka, in the Kollapur constituency. He actively participated...

    Congress confidence boosted by Muslim support in Mahabubnagar

    In Mahabubnagar, members of the Muslim and minority communities showed their support for Janampally Anirudh Reddy, the Congress party's candidate for the upcoming elections...

    Election Commission suspends Tourism Development Corp MD for accompanying minister during Telangana polls

    The Election Commission of India has taken action against two officials from the Telangana Tourism Development Corporation. Boinapally Manohar Rao, the Managing Director of...

    Several opposition politicians in Mahabubnagar join BRS party

    In Mahabubnagar, leaders from the BJP and TDP parties have joined the BRS party in support of V Srinivas Goud, the Excise Minister and...



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