Thursday, November 30, 2023



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    “Polls Spark a Clash between Delhi Rulers and T People, says KTR”

    The upcoming elections in Telangana are being described as a battle between the people of Telangana and the leaders in Delhi, according to KT...

    KCR commends KTR’s diligent efforts for the welfare of handloom weavers

    Chief Minister KCR visited Siricilla on Tuesday and addressed a public meeting. He talked about his strong connection to the region, having visited Siricilla...

    School Sexual Assaults in Delhi Prompt Swift Action and Suspension by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

    • Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, takes decisive action by suspending school staff after reported sexual assaults on two minor boys.
    • The government vows to ensure safety, launch inquiries, and implement preventive measures. Details on the measures and the response from Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

    Theory exams for the Lower Grade of the Technical Teachers’ Certificate to commence tomorrow

    The Directorate of Government Examinations has announced that the Technical Teachers' Certificate (Lower Grade) theory examinations for candidates who completed a 42-day TTC Summer...

    First heat action plan released by the Delhi government

    Delhi has developed a heat action plan to help vulnerable populations during extreme heat in the summer. The plan includes changing school timings, reducing...

    Delhi Government Encourages Homeowners to Install Elevated Solar Panels

    The Kejriwal government has made electricity free for families consuming 200 units of electricity in Delhi.Thousands of Delhi residents are taking advantage of this.

    BRS surprised as Teegala contemplates switching to BJP: Wake up, Voter…It’s time to select your leader

    Maheshwaram Assembly constituency is part of the Chevella Lok Sabha segment. The current MLA is Sabitha Indra Reddy from the BRS party. The Congress...



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